309 South Main Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74013


Monday – Friday
7:30a -9:30a | 10:30a -2:00p


Chef Lia Lewis, Café Manager


Dine In.
Carryout Compassion.

Serving breakfast and lunch



Take 2: A Resonance Café is operated by Resonance Center for Women, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Café provides tasty meals and a positive, educational environment where women recently released from prison can find immediate employment and learn valuable skills in restaurant management, food preparation, customer service and sales to help them secure future employment. Additionally, the women live in housing adjacent to the restaurant with additional resources to help them succeed and keep them away from negative influences. The goal is to help women change for good by giving them the skills and confidence to secure a job and find a fulfilling life outside prison walls.

As patrons of the restaurant, you aren’t just purchasing food, you are purchasing a better future for someone’s mom, wife, daughter, sister or granddaughter. It’s the simplest way you can help us make a difference and break the cycle that women releasing from prison often find themselves: no money, no support, no job … which leads them back to negative influences, negative environments and negative consequences.


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